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x-men character surveyCollapse )


well it's official, the only mcdonald's i am able to eat now is on 2499. the only one that wouldn't make me feel nausues and making me feel really really cold. that's how i felt last night ^-^. 407 and the one by wal-mart (main st) is for me to stay away.

lots of love,

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but c'mon all of you, gotta admit the pussycat dolls are hot in their video buttons


and coco lee is too pretty:
^^such a beautiful song.

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may changing my major

i may go from an electronic commerce to a psychiatrist or now a psychologist...lol thx nate for the tip. i'm not going to be a psychologist because derek is going to be one. so yeah please don't make any false accusations. rawr.

Child and adolescent psychiatry
Adult psychiatry
Psychiatry of Old Age (Psychogeriatrics)
Learning disability
Consultation-liaison psychiatry
Emergency psychiatry
Addiction and substance abuse psychiatry
Forensic psychiatry

^^so hard to choose. my dad gave me the idea of being a psychiatrist and i actually just remembered and a psychologist because the doctor that my dad went to see today had a degree for a psychologist and so it gave him a thought for my better major.

types of psychologists
wonder which one suits me.

-damn i swear it feels like a knife just stabbed me on the left side of my stomach. ugh.
-EDIT POST: left side of my stomach was hurting all night and now this morning at 9:41; really cold. it looks like i'm getting sick -_-.

and my layout is all oriental now. its red too wooohoo (my favorite color)

and derek, michael is sleeping over tomorrow night

lots of love,

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i bombed the test

i completely bombed the test, blar. but i am going to do well on the 4th test. just giving a quick update and i'll be back onto studying. i'm studying confidence intervals. intro to statistics is the devil! my brother is a smart kid and he doesn't like it all. he's taking statistics this summer. but yeah, how is everyone?

lots of love,

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how life is full of ____

left leg hurts every time i walk. but it's fine right now. my dad and derek had the same problem earlier except it was their right leg. how ironic...cause i am left handed and my dad and derek are both right handed. has anyone had the same problem at all, this weird monday? and clint, you know i'm here for you whenever you need and as for the rest of you of course! and i'm getting better at driving. yay me! i just need to learn how to drive reverse, get into the freeway, and just to be more aware of things. i am glad though i am not scared anymore. my right leg didn't shake at all today in driving. Listen to 102.9 the Mix! Best station ever!

lots of love,

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so fuckin pretty! anywho, how is everyone???
and oh a topic um... i 'm not a yu-gi-oh player but...
why do people bash on people who play yu-gi-oh? is it because the game is targeted towards a kids show? well isn't like in general regular cards came can be a kid too u know. if it was like poker, and it is with money-it is consider as an adult. however, if it is just prizes like candy and such, that would be towards to a kids game. so whats the diddley-yo?

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searchin for another life

researches still thinks ufos exist-click here if u want to read the article

do any of you believe there is life outside of earth?

i believe so :)

lots of love,

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cause me love you long time

how is everyone????..................

ok, summer school, it is by far the most fast-pace semester ever. it is not so great when taking a college level math. development 099 was easy but intro to statistics, dear lord. but i got chapter 6 done, i just need to review myself and then go on teaching myself on chapter 7 since i didnt quite get how to do it today in class, o.o. test 3 is coming and my 2nd test oh i know i didn't quite do so well. it was such a hard test. probabilities=evilness. probability distribution was the only one i got down easily. one page was just wtf what do we do??? where are the instructions?! 2 more weeks left, just 2 more weeks. now my goal is just to pass this damn class. i know i won't be able to make a B at this rate. my first test, i made a 70 flat. got lucky that time, whew.

nada damn thing. i can get a better social life when i take full time in the fall semester and that i will keep my 3.0 gpa or higher. so it shouldn't be too hard once i get math out of the way.

here's the list of music...Collapse )
whew 18 songs exactly, awesomeness.

lots of love,

made by krisp
something to discuss about.

the bible--it is a collection of stories to teach us a lesson kinda like fairy tales, aye?
(my cousin jeff got me thinking)

what do you think about the bible?

"who will save your soul if you won't save your own...."~Jewel

and mmm...eggrolls ....my mom's eggrolls

lots of love,

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honest survey

The Honest Survey!
Answer these questions honestly.

tell nothing but the truthCollapse )

lots of love,

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